(TCG) Phantom Rage (PHRA) PACK


100,000 ₫ 100000.0 VND

100,000 ₫

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Includes new members/support for the "Arcana Force", "Archfiend", "Dark World", "Dogmatika", "F.A.", "Fur Hire", "Infernity", "Melffy", "Nephthys", "Noble Knight", "Penguin", "Phantasm", "Phantom Knights", "Possessed", "Prank-Kids", "Raidraptor", "Rank-Up-Magic", "Rebellion", "The Phantom Knights", “U.A.”, "Xyz", and "Xyz Dragon" archetypes as well as the Cupid, Gizmek, Infernoble Knight, Sacred Beast, and signature move series.
Introduces the "Dual Avatar", "Tri-Brigade", and "Virtual World Gate" archetypes.
Introduces the "Myutant" archetype to the TCG.
Introduces the first support for the "Spiritual Water Art", "Spiritual Wind Art", and "Virtual World" archetypes.

There are 9 cards per pack and 24 packs per box. The set contains 101 cards:

5 Starlight Rares
10 Secret Rares
14 Ultra Rares
26 Super Rares
50 Commons